Heaven is the second album from Night Committee. We made it at Lorrie's Arch Audio studio in the summer of 2013 over about three days.

The songs are about being bad with money, feeling bad, feeling like a fish, a young woman in trouble (at Christmas!), being in a rock band, dealing interrogatively with ambivalent feelings for a person since they were buried at sea (answers not supplied), being surly for poor reasons, women of indeterminate ages waiting for written correspondence to arrive via the weather (I know, right?), living with the long-term consequences of being a jerk.


Crime is the debut record from Night Committee. It's about (in roughly this order) hitchhiking through the Mendocino County redwoods, being the last employee at a night club everyone is being fired from, being a jerk, being a jerk again, feelings, a thought experiment imagining life from the point of view of Edmonton, being a loud jerk, being dead, feelings, and also feelings.

You can stream the songs from Crime on this handy little embedded Bandcamp player. Better yet, you can click that 'Buy' button and and download the songs to your computer and listen to them anytime you want in a totally legal, safe and fuzzy fashion. Drive around town slowly in the winter with the window down playing it very loudly. Play it between ends at your curling club. Give it to your Aunt for Christmas.