Night Committee

Night Committee are a rock and roll group from Calgary, Alberta. The members of the group are:

Nicola Cavanagh Lefevre — Bass, Backing Vocals

Lorrie Matheson — Keys, Backing Vocals

Joel Nye — Drums, Percussion

Andrew Wedderburn — Vocal, Guitar

Please send all inquiries to


Committee (New) News

Our good pal Hamfisted took this video from one of our recent shows. It may be the Ship or Broken City.


Committee (Old) News

We haven't touched the webspace here lately but have news. As of our last update Night Committee was a five piece group that included Brooker Buckingham and Laurie Fuhr, two wonderful and talented individuals who have since gone on to other things, the success of which we wish for devotedly and with much admiration. We'll miss you crazy kids.

Joel, Andrew and Lorrie have been playing as a three piece since August. Lorrie's carpal tunnel doesn't like it much but Lorrie's carpal tunnel just needs to be put in its place sometimes. 

Night Committee will play your wedding but only if we are allowed to give the toast to the bride and groom.

We promise to update the page more frequently with, like, our shows and songs.


August 14 - Marquee Room

We're playing this Saturday at the Marquee. For sure with Seizure Salad and possibly with someone else.


Night Committee #1: Amen/Gangway

We spent two days in Lorrie's studio last week and recorded a tune. You can download it from our brand new Songs page. Out plan is to record when we can and post the tunes here when they're done. So just click the link to get the zip. You even get the single cover. Collect 'em all.


Show coming up - next Satuday (June 5) at the Hifi with Key to the City and the Longhairs. Come out and help fill the ice bucket for Nye's wrists. Check out this awesome poster: