Night Committee

Night Committee are a rock and roll group from Calgary, Alberta. The members of the group are:

Nicola Cavanagh Lefevre — Bass, Backing Vocals

Lorrie Matheson — Keys, Backing Vocals

Joel Nye — Drums, Percussion

Andrew Wedderburn — Vocal, Guitar

Please send all inquiries to



You can pick up a digital copy of Crime from our Bandcamp page:

If you live in Calgary you can pick up a disc from Melodyia, Sloth, or Hot Wax. Or come see us Friday night at Broken City.


Crime Release - August 3, Bro'City

Alright folks: the album release for our debut album Crime is August 3 — that's this friday at Broken City. We've got a cardboard box of compact discs in fancy printed sleeves which we will sell you. We might even have t-shirts.

If you're one of those extremely lucky folks who got your hands on one of the pre-release sticker and plain sleeve versions of Crime, well by God, you've got yourself a rare treasure. If on Friday night you find your self saying 'My rare treasure sure seems like a CDR in a blank sleeve with a sticker on it and no information, unlike one of these fancy printed discs they're selling out of that cardboard box,' well, we'll swap it out for you.

We're playing with the very feral Feral Children of Saskatchewan and the also very feral Meisha and the Spanks of Calgary. See you there.



Tomorrow night at Sled Island we'll have copies of our debut album Crime available for ten bucks a piece.

01: UKIAH (3:20) 02: AMEN/GANGWAY (3:52) 03: BAD LUCK (3:42) 04: UNNECESSARY (4:21) 05: PICTURE PERFECT (5:53) 06: LONG BAD NIGHTS (3:31) 07: IS IT SINKING IN? (3:44) 08: CRIME (3:35) 09: PROOF (5:54) 10: IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT (7:09)


Night Committee at Sled Island

We've got two slots for Sled Island 2012. Come twice:

Thursday, June 21, 11PM, Dickens: We are on immediately before Hot Snakes. HOT SNAKES.

Saturday, June 23, 12:30PM, Broken City: Afternoon show at BC with Dojo Workhorse and a Secret Guest. Show up and have a ceasar for breakfast.


May 7 at Local 510

We're playing coming up on Monday at Local 510 with Extra Happy Ghost!!!!. EHG!!! makes awesome fuzzy dirgey tunes about feelings. Listening to loud music on a monday night will make you more productive and lead to raises and bonuses at your place of business. It is known.