Useful Links

bird heat

birdheat is a great band that features Laurie Fuhr, who used to be in our band. She made some really cool recordings that Joel, who is still in our band, played on.

Martha Stewart Explains How to Butcher a Pig

Brooker Buckingham, who also used to be in our band, lives in Toronto now. He is elusive. We hear little of his activities. He likes guitar pedals, black metal, and butchering meat. Brooker was working at a high end Calgary restaurant, one of those charcuterie places that makes their own sausage, and he comes to practice and says "I butchered a whole pig today!"

Lorrie Matheson

Lorrie Matheson isn't just the "left hand of bass" and "right hand of melody" and "both hands of illustrating through gesture awesome stories about Northern Saskatchewan Bush Parties" in Night Committee, but a totally prolific, well-respected, trendsetting solo artist. People drive all from over the fucking country to make records in this guy's garage.

Key To The City

Key to The City are an awesome band that Joel sometimes plays with. Well, he plays with them all the time but they only play sometimes. Sometimes as in "as frequently as Ogopogo sightings." If you get a chance to catch them though, do it, because unlike the Ogopogo they write awesome songs.


Here is what we have every reason to believe is a reliable list of recent Ogopogo sightings.

The Milk Chicken Bomb

The Milk Chicken Bomb is Andrew's first novel. You can order a copy and Coach House Books will mail it to you. If you are allergic to paper there are electronic versions available. Andrew also sometimes finds copies in that blocky Ikea shelf in the living room when he moves a bunch of records at once to dust, so if you see him say "Sell me one of those books," and he will say "Hey I just found one of those," and will promptly forget, so it's better if you follow the link and order it from Coach House.

Coach House Books

Coach House Books, as mentioned in the bit above, are awesome. Buy all their books. They use good, thick paper.

Flames Nation

The Flames Nation blog has a lot of advanced hockey statistics. We're not sure if we understand advanced hockey statistics yet. Like, what is Corsi? What is 'driving possession?' Exactly how much is Jay Bouwmeester overpaid by? We really like Jay Bouwmeester for the record and feel he gets a bad rap based on his salary. Just don't ask us what his Corsi Rate is.