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Night Committee are a rock and roll band from Calgary, Alberta. The members of the group are:

Joel Nye — Drums, Percussion

Andrew Wedderburn — Vocal, Guitar

Nicola Cavanagh Lefevre — Bass, Backing Vocals

Lorrie Matheson — Keys, Backing Vocals

You can see our Facebook page here. Click on lots of parts of it so that Facebook thinks we are driving revenue. (The internet likes it when you drive revenue.)

This is our EPK at Sonic Bids. We pay good money for this thing. It sure has driven revenue for us. Although it will try and tell you that we've only played 3 "gigs". Anyway, if you want to book us for Moon Fest on the Moon, that's our EPK.

We have a band photograph here that you can download. It's a 2700 pixel wide 180dpi jpeg version of the masthead image at the top of the page that was taken by Brenda Bazylewski.

Here's a biography we wrote about ourselves that includes a flattering unsolicited quote from someone that we know:

"If the 'Mats and Attractions jammed at a Mexican wedding and played soul and Husker Du covers, and Marc Ribot and Nina Simone happened to be guests at said wedding, and they got together that night and had love triplets who started a band, it would sound like Night Committee."

— Bug Incision (after hoisting a pint or 7 at the Ship and Anchor)

The throat and rhythm engine of Calgary post-punk stalwarts Hot Little Rocket (Andrew Wedderburn and Joel Nye, respectively), joined by scene vet Lorrie Matheson (Fire Engine Red, National Dust, Lorrie Matheson), have joined to make the sound of Cinco de Mayo as celebrated by the characters profiled in Michael Azerrad's "Our Band Could Be Your Life".

Wedderburn's wry humor and skewed but (com)passionate view of everyday life is front and centre as the band's lyricist and singer, and the three of them (Andrew on guitar, Joel on drums and Lorrie on keys) make a joyous racket, purposed to make you swagger, sway, and swing your hips across the dancefloor.

The Committee meets at night; they are in charge of the Night - and tonight Night Committee is yours.

Anyway, that's us, or at least as much about us as you can get without coming to see us. Really you should come see us though.